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Writers Mountain

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About Us

  • Looking to get published on line
  • Looking for frugal tips
  • Looking for more ideas to save money
  • Want to write the best you can


Tips, ideas and proven ways to live more frugally and save your family money

I am the mom to three of my own children, two step-children and a surrogate mother to my nephew. Three kids live with us full time, two have moved out on their own and one visits us every other weekend. We have a constant revolving door here.
We live in rural Michigan (no not on a mountain but) on five acres of land where we raise chickens and the occasional pig. We have a menagerie of animals, most were dropped off near our home and have become part of the family.
We have a large garden, we live frugally and love our life.
On this website I'll try to help others trying to live a simpler life.

Looking to talk to other moms about tips and ideas, then connect here.

Tell us what you think. Comments and suggestions accepted.

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