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Kitchen Pantry

Coming soon a list of kitchen pantry items everyone should have on hand.
Many people have asked me for a pantry list...but it's hard to share because everyone and every family have different needs and tastes.
I will compile a very basic list of pantry items you may want to keep in stock but please feel free to add your own ideals.
"I have to have pasta (any kind) in my pantry. The possibilities with pasta are endless. One more thing is any 'cream of' soups...they go with everything including pasta."
                           Michelle from Central Florida
"We eat a lot of beans so we have every imaginable type of bean in our pantry."
                                    Lisa K. from Idaho 

Need help making dinner tonight. Check out this website for help with cooking. Take an inventory of your pantry, cupboards and refrigerator and get started.

What to cook for dinner tonight.

What are some pantry items you never run out of?
How do you plan your grocery shopping?
Share your ideas.

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