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Frugal Tips

Ten Ways We Save Money Everyday
  1. Hang laundry on clothesline, weather permitting, or hang clothesline in basement or bathroom. Every dryer load saved in more money in your pocket.
  2. Save frosting containers and lids…these make great storage containers for hair barrettes, cotton balls for traveling and penholders.
  3. Shop for coupons on eBay. I know this sounds real odd, “why pay for coupons online when I can go buy a newspaper. But wait. Let me explain. I once purchased three separate coupon deals from buyers on eBay. I spent $6.26 (including shipping costs) for all three and I ended up saving a total of $18.50 the next grocery trip. So I think I made a great deal. Next shopping trip I saved $5.75.
  4. I’m a firm believer in eBay and Freecycle. Look up Freecycle in your area. Great deals and a good way to clear out your unwanted items. Like they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  5. Use competitors’ sales ads when shopping. If you don’t know if your grocery store accepts this…ask. You’ll never know until you do.
  6. Cook once a week (or once a month). I started doing this when I took on a second job. With five hungry teenagers at home and I wasn’t home, by cooking on Sunday there was always prepared dinner meals in the refrigerator. Take advantage of it. Since you already have the oven on to make meatloaf for dinner, why not add a tray of lasagna, a pot roast and spare ribs to the mix. This cuts down on electricity later and saves money.
  7. Reuse coffee and coffee filter. Just add a little more fresh coffee grounds to used filter on top of used coffee grounds.
  8. If you’ve read all the books in your local library, sign up for inter-loans. This is where you can borrow books from other libraries for free.
  9. Shop at resale and consignment stores in your area. Great deals and buys. I once purchased three Corelle baking dishes and four pieces of Tupperware® for a total of $1.75. I kept the dishes but sold the Tupperware® on eBay for $7.94. So my .75 investment for Tupperware® turned into a $7.19 profit. Not much but every little bit helps.
  10. Instead of spending a fortune on gifts…make your own. Gift jars, rice heating pads, certificates for personal treats and homemade goods from the kitchen are sure to please.


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Frugal Tips of the Week


For a quick and easy disinfectant fill a spray bottle with 1-part alcohol and 5-parts water. Use to clean door knobs, mirrors and bathroom and chrome fixtures.




Organize your desk

Years ago if someone had told me I’d have a messy desk I would’ve laughed in their face. Tell me that today and I’d say you’re right on target.

I’d always heard that the messiest desk means the best writer.

So if that philosophy is true then why haven’t I won a Pulitzer Prize for writing? Why don’t I have a dozen books published?

By nature I’m a list person and a pile person.

If I don’t make a list I’ll forget to do something…no matter how important.

I spend more time looking for a scrap of paper with important information on it then I do actually writing.

Listed are some helpful tips I’ve either learned or taught myself along the way.

First, it’s all right to have piles of papers. Just keep them in a file folder and label the folder. For all my writing and research about frugal tips in one folder, all my research about head traumas go in another folder, etc.

Second, keep one area of your desk clear for when you do have to get out a pen and paper. Whether it’s a website address or a telephone call come sin with someone sharing important information.

Third, sticky notes are our friends…use them to the best of your capabilities. I have sticky notes plastered around my work desk. I use them as bookmarks or when I want to remember to copy a page of a book or magazine.

Fourth, get complete use out of old shoeboxes. These are perfect for storing index cards full of information without the expense of a card container. This is also where you can store your extra pens, pencils, tape, stapler and unused sticky notes.

And finally, set aside one hour a week (the beginning of the week is best) to organize any miscellaneous papers and notes. Put them in the file folders where they belong so when you sit down at the start of your week everything is in its place.



Have a frugal tip that works for you or have you saved an extraordinary amount of money while shopping...send it to us and we'll share with others.

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